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Transitions of Care

A transition of care appointment is necessary so Dr. Moemeka has all necessary information about your child’s health history. Especially visits to the emergency room, urgent care, retail clinic, or hospital. A trip to these places is usually because your child is hurt or sick. Often, you leave with a new diagnosis, treatment, or questions about what to do next. Dr. Moemeka wants to answer these questions and bridge your child back to Mark9 Pediatrics – your medical home.

A medical home provides continuous and comprehensive medical care for your child through a coordinated team that is led by your child’s primary care physician. As your child’s pediatrician, Dr. Moemeka provides a hub for health history. For this reason, she will see your child within a few days of urgent care, emergency room, retail clinic or hospital stays to help coordinate any treatment plans and services your child needs. Additionally, this gives her an opportunity to speak with you about how your child’s growth and development may be affected and update their health history.

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