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Well Teen & Young Adult Visits

Young children aren’t the only ones who need well visits. Well teen & young adult visits are all about preventative care. As your teenager approaches adulthood, she will need a solid baseline of health and wellness to ensure a long life of healthy living. During these visits, Dr. Moemeka will work with your teen to address any health concerns and predict any future ones. Since your child is now a teenager, he will likely be engaging in more adult behavior, and a part of keeping him healthy is giving him a safe space to ask questions about his own health and start to think about making his own choices.

When does my teen need a well visit?

Your teen needs a well visit once a year to monitor and track her development and wellness.  

Adolescent confidentiality

Once your child turns 13, Dr. Moemeka will talk with her alone. You teenager is entitled to doctor-patient confidentiality, and anything he tells Dr. Moemeka will remain confidential unless your child is in immediate danger or at risk of harming someone else.

Questions your teen may ask could involve substance use, sex, and mental health concerns. Since some teens are hesitant to talk to their parents about these issues, having a designated, confidential space for your teen to stay healthy is essential to her overall wellness.

At Mark9 Pediatrics, we want to give every child a safe space to ask his questions and get real answers that will help him stay healthy. We want every child to feel welcomed, accepted, and listened to, and having a confidential source to talk about personal issues really helps teens embrace a culture of wellness and stay on the path to healthy.

What can my teen expect?

At Mark9 Pediatrics, we believe in making healthy easy for children, and our well teen visits are focused on preventative health and setting your teen up for becoming a healthy adult.

Every well child exam includes:

Why does my teen need annual well visits?

Annual well visits allow Dr. Moemeka to track your teen’s health as he grows up, leaving Dr. Moemeka better equipped to handle any illness that may arise and predict potential health problems.

With everything from assessments about growth and development to nutritional advice, well teen visits are intended to give you and your family the knowledge and peace of mind to maintain a healthy state of being well into adulthood.

What is something is wrong?

If Dr. Moemeka detects anything concerning during your teen’s visit, she will take appropriate tests and schedule any necessary follow-up exams. Additionally, she will develop a care plan for your teen, even when that means working in concert with other specialists. At Mark9 Pediatrics, we want you to know that we are a safe resource for whatever your family needs.

Should an issue arise that demands that Dr. Moemeka break adolescent confidentiality, both you and your teen will be involved in the development of her long-term care plan.

If your teen is due for his well visit, call Mark9 Pediatrics today at (972) 325-2005 or request an appointment online to schedule one.

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