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Reproductive Health

As your teen grows up and goes through puberty, he will reach sexual maturity. With this, he will need to pay special attention to his reproductive health. Dr. Moemeka will talk to your teen about sexual and reproductive health during his next appointment to make sure that he has the information he needs to remain healthy and make the right choices for himself.

This can be a really confusing time for teens, so being able to speak openly and confidentially about reproductive health is an important part of preventative care. Dr. Moemeka’s mission is to make healthy easy for children, and she will talk candidly with your teen about everything he needs or wants to know in order to stay safe and grow up healthy.


Between 13 and 15, your daughter will start to need regular gynecological exams. If your teen is apprehensive about this or has any questions, encourage her to speak openly with Dr. Moemeka during her next appointment.

Having the right information will empower your daughter to make smart choices about her reproductive health and arm her with the correct information that she needs to be safe and stay healthy, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Reproductive health in males can be overlooked, but at Mark9 Pediatrics, we stay true to our mission and aim to make healthy easy for everyone. This means talking to your son about reproductive health. During your son’s next appointment, Dr. Moemeka will talk to your son about staying safe, listening to his body, how fertility works, and give him the information he needs to be safe and stay healthy.

What will my child talk about?

During your teen’s appointment, Dr. Moemeka will talk to your child about:

  • Growing up healthy
  • Nutrition & exercise
  • Safe sex
  • STIs
  • Menstruation
  • Listening to & respecting his body
  • The reproductive system
  • Mental & emotional health surrounding reproductive health

Will I know about what Dr. Moemeka and my teen talk about?

According to adolescent confidentiality, Dr. Moemeka cannot share anything that she speaks with your teen about without consent from your teen himself. However, most teens end up being open with their parents when they realize that their questions are safe to ask and they aren’t in trouble.

If your teen is growing up and you want to make sure he has all the information he needs to protect himself and understand his body as he grows up, call Mark9 Pediatrics today at (972) 325-2005 or request an appointment online to schedule his appointment.

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