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Pediatric Care For Teens & Young Adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who need regular doctor appointments. Pediatric care for teens and young adults is an essential part of being healthy well into adulthood.

Well visits for teens & young adults

Well visits are essential to making sure that your teen is healthy and on the right track to maintain long-term wellness. This time is the best opportunity for Dr. Moemeka to take preventative action and predict any potential health risks to your teen. 

Sports physicals

Sports physicals clear your teen to participate in team sports. While playing sports is a great way to stay healthy, team sports also pose a health risk, especially if your teen has an underlying health condition. Dr. Moemeka will perform a physical exam and health screening to make sure your teen is healthy enough to participate and has the knowledge to avoid injury.

Diseases & conditions

If your teen is suffering from a disease or condition, we will work with other subspecialists make sure your teen gets the care that he needs to be and stay as healthy as possible.  


Immunizations are one of the best ways to keep your teen healthy and take preventative action against various diseases and infections. If you’re unsure about immunizations or want to know which ones your teen needs, talk to Dr. Moemeka, your Coppell pediatrician.

First aid & safety

Arming your teen with the knowledge of how to protect himself in the case of injury or emergency is one of the best things you can do to keep your teen safe. Learn more about specific emergencies on our first aid & safety page.

Food & fitness

Food & fitness help your teen stay healthy and fuel his body. Learn more about how food and fitness can support your teen’s long-term health and how you can encourage a healthy lifestyle at home.  

Puberty & growing up

As your teen grows up, he will start to change emotionally, behaviorally, and socially. Puberty causes a number of changes in your teen, and it can also be a confusing time. Dr. Moemeka is a confidential resource for your teen to get the honest medical answers he needs.

Reproductive health

Your teen is quickly becoming an adult, and that means that reproductive health plays an important role in his overall wellness, physically and emotionally. Dr. Moemeka will guide your child through understanding his reproductive health and staying safe.

Emotional health

Emotional health cannot be underestimated, and Dr. Moemeka will perform a mental health screening to ensure that your child is maintaining optimal wellness. Emotional wellness has a huge impact on your teen’s overall health.

If you are concerned about your teen’s health or need to schedule a regular appointment with Dr. Moemeka, call Mark9 Pediatrics today at (972) 325-2005.

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