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Staying Healthy

Why does your child need a well child visit? At Mark9 Pediatrics, we call these health maintenance visits because that’s what they’re about – maintaining health! During these visits you and your child will have a chance to talk with Dr. Moemeka about overall health. In these visits, you will learn the different ways that your child is growing and developing. Then, he will answer age-appropriate questions about his emotional health, and we may run some tests like a hemoglobin or cholesterol check. Additionally, he will get any necessary vaccines to protect him from diseases like chickenpox, measles, certain cancers and tetanus. These diseases are unpredictable and can cause permanent damage, so it is important for the vaccines to protect your child. The number of children getting very sick or dying from these diseases has decreased significantly with the introduction of vaccines.

Dr. Moemeka wants to understand what support your child needs to stay healthy. So, she will ask you about any social needs you and your family may have. Mark9 Pediatrics can help with referrals that address social needs like housing, food pantries, childcare, and after school programs. Overall, during the visit, Dr. Moemeka will look at you and your child’s specific situation and determine what care or referrals are needed to move forward.

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