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Diseases & Conditions in School-Age Kids

No parent wants to be faced with knowing that her child is suffering. However, many parents have to, and many children are. We understand how distressing it can be to have to manage a chronic condition or deal with an illness, especially when it’s your child. As a part of our dedication to making sure that every child feels welcomed, listened to, and respected, we track and monitor any disease or condition that may be interfering with your child’s health and wellness. If you have questions about your child’s wellness, talk to Dr. Moemeka, your trusted Coppell pediatrician, today.

Common conditions

Some conditions that your child may face are:

If your child is dealing with a chronic condition, talk to Dr. Moemeka about management and treatment.

Condition management

At Mark9 Pediatrics, we are committed to making healthy easy for every child and making healthcare accessible. As a part of our commitment to your child’s care, we offer chronic condition management and complex care needs. Whatever condition your child is dealing with, the whole Mark9 Pediatrics team is your child’s advocate throughout your child’s health journey.

Dr. Moemeka will work with you and other subspecialists to make sure that your child gets the care she needs to reach healthy as easily as possible.


During your child’s well visits, Dr. Moemeka will perform a health screening to determine the root cause of your child’s illness. Dr. Moemeka will work closely with you and your child, to monitor your her symptoms and make sure that she can get back to healthy as quickly as possible.

We have an extensive list of community resources and subspecialists that we will refer you to if need be. Dr. Moemeka is devoted to making sure you have the accessible healthcare that you need to find the right diagnosis for your child.


Collaborating with other specialists when required is essential to finding an appropriate treatment for your child’s condition. Whether it’s the treatment of a treatable illness or the management of any number of conditions, Dr. Moemeka will be an advocate for you and your child to make sure you have the accessible support that your child needs.


When you are a patient at Mark9 Pediatrics, you always have an advocate in us. Our mission is to make healthy easy. By being your advocate, we will make sure you have the right resources and help you need to let your child live a fulfilling, healthy life.

If your child is struggling, talk to Dr. Moemeka about getting the support you need to help your child be the healthy, happy kid that she deserves to be. At Mark9 Pediatrics, your child’s health is our top priority, and we want to make sure you and your family know that our office is a place where you are welcomed, invited, and accepted. 

Making healthy easy is at the core of our mission here at Mark9 Pediatrics. Call Dr. Moemeka today at (972) 325-2005 to reserve your appointment.

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