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Mark9 Pediatrics is Making Primary Care costs simple and predictable!


More and more these days families find that the cost of health care can be challenging and unexpected. Unprecedented events have left many families underinsured or even uninsured. This is where Mark9 Primary Care Complete comes in! Putting you in charge of your child’s primary care costs, regardless of your income or family size.

Primary Care Complete takes the guesswork out of paying for health care. It provides a safety net for families with high deductibles, catastrophic coverage or no coverage. 

One simple, predictable monthly fee covers your child’s primary care needs from birth to 18. For underinsured and uninsured families, it’s an anchor during these times of uncertainty

Families can choose from the suite of direct primary care plans outlined below to get health care coverage for all your pediatric primary care needs. You simply select the plan type and payment that is the best fit. 

Take control of your primary care costs today. Call Mark9 Pediatrics at (972) 325-2005 or request an appointment online.

Primary Care Complete is NOT an insurance plan. It is a payment plan for families who are underinsured or uninsured. Children who qualify for Medicaid or CHIP are not eligible.

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