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Preschooler Visits

Your child will need one well preschooler visit per year to track his development and make sure that he is growing up healthy. Because healthy is a state of being, our top priority is helping your child be healthy as easily as possible.

Part of developing a long-term pattern of health and wellness is creating a good foundation. As your child gains more independence and enters into preschool, it is the perfect time to set him up for a lifetime of health.

When does my child need a well visit?

Your preschooler will need one well visit annually until he is a young adult. This helps Dr. Moemeka monitor his health and predict or prevent any health issues in the future.

What to expect

At every well child visit, Dr. Moemeka will make sure that your child is developing appropriately and hitting the appropriate growth milestones. At every visit, you can expect a:

  • Developmental assessment
  • Growth assessment
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Vision & hearing screening
  • Vaccination (if necessary)
  • Physical exam

Well preschooler visits are all about prevention because prevention is the cornerstone of a healthy life. This is your opportunity to address any concerns that you have about your child’s wellness, so take advantage of this time. Getting healthy in the context of your family and community may take some guidance. Dr. Moemeka is dedicated to joining your family on your wellness journey.

Why does my child need annual well visits?

Annual well visits allow Dr. Moemeka to track the growth and development of your child on a yearly basis. This helps her assess and deal with illness as it arises. All of this will help her develop a preventative care plan to help your child and family build a foundation on healthy living.

With everything from growth and development assessments to nutritional advice, well child visits will give your family the knowledge to mainatin wellness well into adulthood. Additionally, they are the perfect opportunity to tend to anything worrisome early. Generally, early intervention is the best way to achieve wellness.

What if something is wrong?

If you have any concerns about your child’s health or Dr. Moemeka finds anything concerning, she will assess the situation and develop an appropriate care plan. At Mark9 Pediatrics, we are dedicated to giving you the support and resources you need to help your family be as healthy as possible. We want to make being healthy easy for children. Overall, we tend to all of your child’s needs, even when that means collaborating with other specialists for chronic or complex condition management.

Well preschooler visits are the foundation of long-term health. Call Mark9 Pediatrics today at (972) 325-2005 or request an appointment online to schedule your preschooler’s visit!

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