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Congratulations on your child being a big kid! Preschool-age children are between 3 and 6 years old and officially considered “big kids.” During this time, your child is moving on from her toddler years and starting a new phase of structured learning and exciting cognitive development.

When can my child start preschool?

Preschool generally starts around the age of 3. According to the Texas Education Agency, your child must be at least 4 years old by September 1st to attend pre-kindergarten.

According to Texas state law, your child does need to be vaccinated to attend a public preschool. If you are concerned about this, talk to Dr. Moemeka about your options and how you can protect your child.

How can I support my child before preschool?

  • Talking to your preschooler will help her language skills dramatically. Not only will she be better about to communicate clearly but you will also help her cognitive reasoning and social skills.
  • Start potty training your child. She isn’t necessarily expected to be potty trained by the time she’s 3, but it is a good idea to have this process underway.
  • Encourage independence. Give your child a chance to figure out who she is, where she belongs, and how to interact with her world and her peers. She will still need help, but independence can help build confidence and help with cognitive and emotional development.
  • Play with your child. Play is vital to your preschooler’s development. It will help her socialize, face her fears, develop motor skills, and stay active.
  • Emotionally prepare. While your child may be ready for preschool, you might not be. Ease into it and make sure she has enough independence and confidence to take on this new, exciting challenge.

Getting ready for preschool is a huge step for your child. The newfound independence and the introduction into structured learning will help set her up for success, and watching this journey is incredibly exciting.

If your child is ready to start preschool, talk to Dr. Moemeka about how you can your support your child’s wellness and path to healthy. Call Mark9 Pediatrics today at (972) 325-2005 or request an appointment online.

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