Prenatal consultations

Congratulations on your new baby! Mark9 Pediatrics offers prenatal consultations on SATURDAYS from 12-1 pm. After we talk about the newborn visit, tips for going home with baby, and complete a tour of our office, you’ll learn why Mark9 Pediatrics is your choice for the best pediatric care in Coppell.

There are various sources that give information on what to ask during a prenatal consultation. Here are some things to consider:

  • Ask about flexible office hours and after-hours options
  • Ask about any covering doctors or providers
  • Ask about the newborn visit
  • Ask about their philosophy on breastfeeding
  • Ask about availability of same day appointments
  • Ask about parent involvement in practice quality improvement

Remember, this visit is your chance to make sure the practice fits your family’s health and wellness goals. Call our office 972-325-2005 or use one of the “Request An Appointment” tools to schedule time to meet your Coppell pediatrician, Dr. Angela Moemeka.


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