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Preventative Care & Staying Healthy in Coppell, Texas

At Mark9 Pediatrics, our mission is to make healthy easy for children. A part of making healthy easy is building a solid foundation on which you and your family can normalize healthy habits and a life dedicated to wellness and happiness. Here, we are committed to preventative care and making sure that you and your family have the resources you need to really be healthy. If you want to know how your child can stay healthy in Coppell, Texas, call Dr. Moemeka, your trusted pediatrician, today.

What is healthy?

Healthy is a state of being. Our mission is to make healthy easy for children in the context of their families and community. Achieving the state of being that is “healthy” includes a combination of having a focus on a child’s wellbeing and health and making sure that we are doing it with the help of healthy families and healthy communities.

We never do things in isolation, especially when it comes to children. At Mark9 Pediatrics, we always look at who is around them, who makes up their support system, and who is helping them be healthy. Our patients need the extensive “village” around them, and we work within the community and your family to facilitate that so that kids can get to “healthy” as quickly and easily as possible.

How can my family stay healthy?

Stay active

Staying active is an essential part of staying healthy. Whether you go for a walk, participate in sports, or just play, make sure you set aside time for activity.

Never underestimate the power of play. Whether you have toddlers or young adults, play is great way to stay active, strengthen the bond between you and your child, and help foster imagination and problem-solving.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water. Drinking more water is a small choice that you can make every day to stay healthy. School-age children and teens should drink at least 16 oz. with water at each meal.

Eat nutritiously

Normalize veggies. By normalizing veggies, no one will bat an eyelash when they show up on plates. Instead of seeing veggies and fruits as a punishment, try to make them a normal part of mealtime.

If you have a particularly picky eater, there are a number of ways that you can sneak veggies into pasta sauces, smoothies, and more. It’s important to get fruits and veggies throughout the day.

Another way to eat nutritiously is to cook at home. No matter how healthy a restaurant claims to be, home-cooked is the healthiest food you can feed your kids.

Your child should have 5 meals a day, and snacks should never replace meals:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime snack (for little ones)


Immunizations protect your child and your community by letting your child’s immune system develop antibodies to preventable diseases before ever being exposed to them. If you are unsure about vaccinations, talk to Dr. Moemeka about your concerns during your child’s next appointment.

Regular well child visits

Regular well visits allow Dr. Moemeka to track your child’s growth and development to get a baseline of his health and better handle and predict illness in the future. Preventative well child visits are the cornerstone of making sure your child stays on track to live a fulfilling, healthy life.

Making healthy easy

Prevention is the best way to treat illness, and at Mark9 Pediatrics, we are dedicated to setting your child up for success by taking preventative measures and fostering a wellness- and healthy-focused lifestyle from the beginning. We partner with a Community Health Worker and have resources at the ready so that you can find the services you need to be a happy and healthy family.

The choice for me and my child

At Mark9 Pediatrics, your child is always our top priority. We believe that raising healthy children truly takes a village, and we are committed members of your village.

Vaccine Information by Age


“Whoever receives a child in my name receives me”

– Mark 9:37

Staying healthy in Coppell, Texas doesn’t have to be complicated. Talk to Dr. Moemeka about how you and your family can make healthy as easy as possible.

Have more questions about how you and your family can stay healthy? Call Mark9 Pediatrics today at (972) 325-2005 or request an appointment online to get started.

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