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Living with Chronic & Complex Conditions

If your child is living with a chronic condition, it may seem uncertain at first. But at Mark9 Pediatrics, Dr. Moemeka will work with you and your child to help him be as healthy as possible. Moreover, living healthily also means coming to terms with having a chronic condition like asthma, depression, cerebral palsy, or sickle cell.

Whether at school, in sports, or at home, living with a chronic and complex condition should never stop him from thriving. As a result, we will help him learn how to get the most out of each day despite his condition. Dr. Moemeka will begin with understanding the details of your child’s medical history. This includes any caregivers, medications, treatments, nutritional requirements, home and community services, and specialists needed to keep him healthy. Next, she will work with you to outline a wellness plan for your child if there isn’t already one in place. This is all a part of the holistic approach promoted at Mark9 Pediatrics. With your permission, Dr. Moemeka will share information with other members of your child’s care team including his school or education team.

If your child has a disability that causes him to qualify for STAR Kids and waiver services, Dr. Moemeka will include his care managers and service coordinator as part of the overall care team as well. In addition, you will have routine appointments and care coordination visits in our office and over the phone to make sure you and your child’s needs are constantly being met as he grows and develops.

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