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Lending Library

What’s a lending library? You borrow books and you give books. You are welcome to use the library of books in our waiting rooms! Pick a book to read and take them home with you. Then, at your next appointment, bring them back and encourage your child to bring along one of her book so another child can enjoy it.

We are a media free practice, and we love to promote literacy. In order to support this, Dr. Moemeka will give your child an exciting prize for every 10 books she reads! It’s the bookmark swap: your child gets a bookmark when you first join Mark9 Pediatrics On the back, she writes down all the books she reads. When your child has read 10 books, bring the bookmark back and we’ll give her a new bookmark and a prize! Of course, learning to read can be a challenge, but we aim to make it fun so your children will want to keep reading and learning!


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