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Meet the Best Pediatrician in Coppell Texas!

Dr. Moemeka is your Coppell pediatrician! At Mark9 Pediatrics, our philosophy is rooted in making healthy easy for children. For this reason, everything we do supports a culture that makes sure every child feels welcomed, accepted, and heard.

Quality, convenient care

We have Saturday and evening hours! In addition, you can talk to Dr. Moemeka after-hours in a telemedicine appointment. Furthermore, she can also come to your home for some types of visits. Now, you can have the high-quality healthcare that your family deserves on your schedule.

Schedule your appointment today by calling (972) 325-2005 or requesting an appointment online.

Making healthy easy

Prevention is the best way to treat illness. With this in mind, at Mark9 Pediatrics we are dedicated to setting your child up for success by promoting wellness from the beginning. We partner with you to identify the resources you need and make appropriate referrals and recommendations.  We are always here to help you find what you need to be a healthy family.

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What insurance do you accept?

Payment (co-pay, co-insurance, deductible) is due at the time services are rendered. At Mark9 Pediatrics, our mission is to make healthy as easy as possible for children. In order to do this, we accept:

  • Aetna
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • Tricare Select
  • United Healthcare
  • Other commercial plans accepted, call for details


“Whoever receives a child in my name receives me”

– Mark 9:37

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