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Ear Piercing
for 6 months and up

Infant with pierced ear

Preparing for ear piercing:

  • Ear piercing is available for children over 6 months old who are up to date on vaccines
  • This is not covered by insurance. Payment is due when you check in for the appointment. Earrings are included.
  • Your visit will take approximately 15-20 minutes
  • There is no follow up needed after your appointment

Home care instructions:

  • Leave the new piercing in for at least 4 weeks before removing or changing earrings. Ideally you should leave the earrings in for 6 weeks. This allows the ear to fully heal.
  • To prevent infection and irritation avoid swimming and wearing clothes that can snag or pull on the earring.
  • Until the ear heals, always wash your hands before touching the new piercing.
  • Twice a day, clean the pierced area with a cotton swab and warm soapy water. Dab gently around earring.
  • DO NOT USE ALCOHOL to clean ears as this can be drying and affect proper healing of the new piercing.
  • While ear is wet turn the earring in circles a few times.
  • If there is redness, swelling, pus, or tenderness of the ear, remove earring and return to office for an evaluation.


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