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Mark9 Pediatrics is pleased to offer COVID-19 testing


Who can get a coronavirus test?

In general coronavirus testing at our practice is for children 4 years and older, and any related or household adults. We can discuss your unique testing situation when you call to set up the coronavirus testing appointment.

Preference for coronavirus testing is given to the following:

  1. Healthcare workers with direct patient contact
  2. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, cold symptoms, loss of smell/taste)
  3. High risk individuals (diabetes, lung disease including asthma, immunocompromised, etc.)
  4. Anyone in close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19

Dr. Moemeka will see you in a telemedicine visit prior to testing. This televisit is to make sure of when, where and how you should get testing.

What if I only need coronavirus testing for work, school or travel?

Coronavirus testing for people who do not fall under any of the four groups above is sometimes called “pre-screening” and may be required by an employer, school/daycare or travel destination. Pre-screening for coronavirus is not recommended by public health and medical experts. It can limit the availability of scarce COVID-19 testing resources. It is usually not covered by insurance.

A televisit is not needed for pre-screening.


What type of coronavirus testing is available?

Mark9 Pediatrics offers two types of tests for COVID-19. The rapid coronavirus antigen testing gives same day results. In addition, we can send testing samples to a diagnostic lab for coronavirus PCR testing. The PCR testing lab typically has results in 24-48hours. 


What should I expect during coronavirus testing?

We have same day testing with same day results available. All coronavirus testing is done while you sit in your car. It typically takes 30 seconds to complete the testing.

The gold standard for testing is to place a swab deep in the nostrils until the swab hits the back wall of your nasal passages. This nasopharyngeal test gives the best sample. An acceptable alternative is to swab the nostrils only, which is a nasal test. The coronavirus nasal test is better tolerated by young children.

Once the testing is completed, you can head home. You will be called with results. If you are a patient, results will be sent to your patient portal. We will call you with any positive coronavirus results. Positive coronavirus results are also reported to the Dallas County health department.


Is coronavirus testing covered by my insurance company?

Most insurance companies will cover the televisit and coronavirus testing. We accept all major Commercial plans, Tricare, Traditional Medicaid, Amerigroup and Superior. If you are a self-pay patient, we offer televisit and coronavirus testing for $150*. Call your insurance company to confirm that the televisit and coronavirus testing are covered.


How do I arrange for coronavirus testing?

Call our office at 972-325-2005 to schedule a televisit today. 



*pricing subject to change, call for updated pricing

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